Unique Book Case Tutorial!!! EASY PROJECT!

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Unique Book Case

Unique Book Case Tutorial

Take that boring book case and make it a unique book case with your very own style!   It’s easy!

Hi all. Kim here and this was my weekend project that I thought would take me much longer. I wanted something to display my beautiful Pyrex collections and I am happy to report it was SUUUUPER Duper easy and fast!

Here is all you need for this project:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Straight edge
  3. Box Cutter/Utility knife
  4. Regular clear tape
  5. Scissors
  6. Fabric  (you can use wallpaper too!)
  7. Foam Board or sturdy cardboard
  8. Pencil

*Tip* Choose a fabric that does not have a pattern that will need to be aligned the same way  for each board. This will save you lots of time and heartache.

The first step is to measure your book case and calculate the amount of foam board and fabric you will need.  (Some book cases have the one piece flimsy board on the back that is nailed in and that can be covered too)

Unique Book Case

Once you know the dimensions you will need to cut the foam board down to size. I had it very easy since my *ahem* Personal Assistant took care of all of my cutting needs. He’s a trooper. After marking the board to the correct dimensions he used a straight edge and box cutter to make sure the cut was perfect.

Unique Book Case

Now, for the next step, I must confess I hate measuring and calculating. In this case it wouldn’t matter if my cuts on the fabric were perfect so I used my measuring tape and added about 2 inches all around the foam board so I could wrap the fabric and secure to the back.

*Tip* If your fabric is wrinkled, starch and iron it before you cut it.


Then I took the leap and cut the fabric. You can see my marks on the fabric to ensure that my cuts are *close to straight*

Unique Book Case

Now it’s time to secure the fabric to the foam board. Here is where you have to make a decision. I was going to originally use a spray adhesive to secure the fabric to the board but I would rather donate the fabric to a quilt maker after I am finished with it. So, I used clear scotch tape instead.

Unique Book Case

When you get to the corners I found that this fold worked best instead of trimming the board.

Unique Book Case   Unique Book Case

Once you have folded the fabric all around the board here is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this project. You need to add a tab of fabric so that you can pull the board out later when you want to change the fabric. Otherwise you would be sticking all kinds of objects in to get the board out and possibly damaging your furniture. No one will notice this tab once you fill your case.

Unique Book Case   Unique Book Case

After you attach the tab you can push the board into the case. Use both of your hands so your board doesn’t bend as you push it back and force the air out at the same time.

Unique Book Case

Then add your items and enjoy your awesomely fresh unique book case.

Unique Book Case

This will give your book case a fresh new look and it is easily changeable. I loved how easy and fast it was.

Have Extra Fabric????  If you have extra material you could also do some super easy fabric wall decals!  Find that easy tutorial here.

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