Our Elf on the Shelf ideas gone WILD!

Elf on the Shelf ideas Gone Wild! How about some Elf on the Shelf Ideas gone wild!!!  Every year my kids look forward to the Elf on the Shelf visits! It’s one of our families favorite traditions! Not only do the kids get a big kick outta this little fella but, as you can see […]

Do It Yourself Comic Strip Shoes!

Do It Yourself Comic Strip Shoes Who knew there was a tutorial for do it yourself comic strip shoes?!!!  I found Walking Dead zombie shoes, My Little Pony Shoes and even some Pokemon Shoes! Head over here to see the full tutorial on how these are made. Look at these darling My Little Pony Comic […]

Duct Tape Shoe Designs

(Photo Credit:  Duct Tape Creations) Duct Tape Shoe Designs Wow!  It seems you can almost do anything with duct tape and a bit of creativity!  Just look at how these old shoes where brought to life by adding simple duct tape!  How many times do you have kids shoes with a small hole or maybe […]

Would you share your Dad?

Would you share your Dad with someone who was hurting? My daughter Melanie, age 8, comes home from school and I can tell there is something different about her.  She is usually a very bubbly person with tons of fun stories.  Not today.  She is filled with emotion and pain. I asked her how her […]

Girls Pajamas and one Confident Kid!

Little Girls Pajamas It’s not easy raising a very head strong eight year old. If you could just be a fly on our wall sometimes and here the discussions we have. Today, it was about little girls pajamas. Pajamas. Simple Pajamas. My daughter, Melanie, is in the 2nd grade. She loves school! They are having […]

Skylanders Portal Cake Idea!

Homemade Skylanders Portal Cake! Check out the homemade Skylanders Portal Cake with a Cynder character on top! Normally I post easy homemade projects but only the cake on this one was easy. The Cynder is a whole different story. That baby was difficult! If you are a beginner and want to make this cake I […]

Teaching Kids Art: This Project is Fun and Easy to do!

Kids Art Project Idea Teaching Kids Art If you are teaching kids art, this is one you’ve got to try!  It’s a simple and fun Art Project Idea for the kiddos!  My kids and I always have tons of fun when we bust out he art supplies! Give this fun and easy 3D hand tutorial […]

Discover How to Make a Tent Bed! No sewing Required! EASY!

How about a “Tent Bed” for you child?!!! Total cost was only $53.91!! My daughter has been bugging me time and time again to get her a bunk bed. It’s not really the bunk bed she wanted, but rather a way to make a tent on the bottom part and she wanted to be able […]

Tip!!! Girl’s Short Hair Cut with a Style Twist!!!

It’s a girls short hair cut with a style twist! First off, I just have to tell you that I have the pickiest 7 year old ever when it comes to her hair! She is not the girlie, girl and she won’t wear pony tails, ribbons or bows and That’s Final!  (I’m certain other Moms […]