Duct Tape Shoe Designs

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Duct Tape Shoe Designs(Photo Credit:  Duct Tape Creations)

Duct Tape Shoe Designs

Wow!  It seems you can almost do anything with duct tape and a bit of creativity!  Just look at how these old shoes where brought to life by adding simple duct tape!  How many times do you have kids shoes with a small hole or maybe even a stain on them.  Grab your favorite duct tape design and get to it!

Did you know they even make a Marvel’s Duct Tape design!  Crazy right?!

Head over here to see all the possible duct tape designs:

duct tape designs

This would make some really good ideas to keep kids busy over the summer too!

Here are a few good reads to give you a bit of Duct Tape Design inspiration!!

Check out the Dazzling Duct Tape Designs book:

Duck Tape designs book

How about The Jumbo Duct Tape Book:

Jumbo Duct tape book

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