DIY Watermelon Drink Dispenser

Author:  SheKnows DIY Watermelon Drink Dispenser What a clever idea!  A watermelon drink dispenser!  How cool is that?!!  This could be a fun idea for a kids party or even an adult party with grown up drinks too!  Look out Summer BBQ Parties! Basically you are turning the whole watermelon into a drink dispenser by […]

Beer Bottle Craft: Re-Purpose a Beer Bottle into a Drinking Glass or Vase!

Beer Bottle Craft Check out this beer bottle craft!  Oh Boy. this was a fun craft project!  How you you like to be able to cut a glass bottle with a piece of yarn?!  Check this out!  Now I’ve had some emails of readers being to scared to try this and I KNOW exactly what […]

DIY Ear Cuff Tutorial

DIY Ear Cuff Tutorial  

Do It Yourself Pineapple Flowers Tutorial

Author Unknown Do It Yourself Pineapple Flowers Tutorial I believe Martha Stewart came up with this idea years ago and it’s a clever one at that!  Dried out pineapple turned into a beautiful flower to be used as a cupcake topper.  Love that! First, you need to cut off the top of the pineapple and […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Round Up Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  Time to get those creative juices flowing for gift ideas.  I’ve been inspired by so many different artists that I had to do a post round up to show them all to you!  The hardest part is choosing my favorite.  Here’s a […]

Handmade Photo Charm Bracelets

 Handmade Photo Charm Bracelets Try making a some handmade charm photo bracelets!  These are fun and easy to make! Grab your favorite photos and make a fun photo charm bracelet!  These are super cute for Mom’s or even Grandma’s too!  They love to show off their little ones!   These photos really don’t do this […]

Do It Yourself Comic Strip Shoes!

Do It Yourself Comic Strip Shoes Who knew there was a tutorial for do it yourself comic strip shoes?!!!  I found Walking Dead zombie shoes, My Little Pony Shoes and even some Pokemon Shoes! Head over here to see the full tutorial on how these are made. Look at these darling My Little Pony Comic […]

Duct Tape Shoe Designs

(Photo Credit:  Duct Tape Creations) Duct Tape Shoe Designs Wow!  It seems you can almost do anything with duct tape and a bit of creativity!  Just look at how these old shoes where brought to life by adding simple duct tape!  How many times do you have kids shoes with a small hole or maybe […]

Springtime Garden and Backyard ideas!

Cinder Block Garden Bed Wow!  Check out this super cute Cinder Block Garden Bed!  What a neat idea!  It’s perfect if you don’t want to dig up your yard.  Or maybe you live in a small area and don’t have much room.  Perfect for small spaces too!  I like how you can use a cardboard […]

Unique Book Case Tutorial!!! EASY PROJECT!

Unique Book Case Tutorial Take that boring book case and make it a unique book case with your very own style!   It’s easy! Hi all. Kim here and this was my weekend project that I thought would take me much longer. I wanted something to display my beautiful Pyrex collections and I am happy to […]