Our Elf on the Shelf ideas gone WILD!

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Elf on the Shelf ideas Gone Wild!

How about some Elf on the Shelf Ideas gone wild!!!  Every year my kids look forward to the Elf on the Shelf visits! It’s one of our families favorite traditions! Not only do the kids get a big kick outta this little fella but, as you can see below, the parents do too!

This year our Elf has gone WILD! He’s been a bit mischievous and gotten in to some pretty big messes! Take a peek!

He loves the our law enforcement friends!

The Cat loves him and he loves the cat!

I’ve had to tell him a few times to back away from Mommy’s juice! HA!

He never learns!!! He’s off to try Dads now!

He has a bit of a wild side too!

Uh-oh! He found some friends!!!!

He likes the dog but the dog doesn’t care for him!

He’s a bit mischievous and messy!

But he brings us lots of joy and laughter!


As most of you know I am married to a Police Officer.  After the kids went to bed I had a bit of fun recreating a scene!  That elf was headed to jail! Bad elf! BAD!  This one is NOT for the kiddos of course!

Bad Elf on the Shelf


If you need a bit of inspiration for some “clean” Elf on the Shelf ideas head over here and get a printable download of 100 Elf on the Shelf ideas here for FREE!

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