Is Pyrex Microwave safe? (Research and Answers)

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Pyrex Microwave safe

Is Pyrex Microwave Safe?

Is Pyrex Microwave safe?  Simply put yes, it is.  There are some things you need to know about Pyrex though.

Pyrex glassware is conventional oven safe and microwave safe based on the Pyrex website but you don’t want to shock the glass by placing it in water after it’s become heated either.  Even though the Pyrex dishes are oven safe, freezer safe and microwave safe, you never want to change the temperatures of these dishes drastically or else they will explode.

When glass changes temperature rapidly, it experiences thermal shock, a process wherein different parts of the material expand by different amounts.  Sometimes glass vessels are unable to to the stress of the uneven expansion resulting in a shatter. even posted a Exploding Pyrex article about the exploding Pyrex dishes but it also claimed it be to false that the Pyrex dishes are unsafe.  Read more about that Snopes article here.

I’m a huge fan of anything Pyrex.  I especially love the Vintage Pyrex bowls.  I think the avocado green is my favorite!  I’ve used these dishes many times over and over and never had an issue.

pyrex microwave safe

Apparently Pyrex makes a ton of products that I was not aware of.  When I think of Pyrex I automatically think Kitchen, Dishes, baking, bowls, fun colors, Pyrex measuring cups and I even think of those cute little Pyrex Vintage Butter dishes.  We had one.  It was white glass with a avocado green design just like this one on Amazon.  Pyrex even has me thinking of Corningware.  I guess I’m showing my age a bit here.

There are a few things I didn’t realize Pyrex was a part of.  I didn’t realize Pyrex has a whole division for Pyrex laboratory glassware.  I should have guess that though.  Why not?  Pyrex is some amazing glass so why not have make Pyrex labware right?!  There is one part of Pyrex that knocked my socks off though…  I never, in a million years, expected to see Pyrex be part of sex toys.  Yup!  Pyrex glass sex toys.  I was prepared to see all kinds of vintage Pyrex mixing bowls in my search but not the toys!  whoa!  I had to clear my searches.  I’m not so sure I will ever be able to look at a Pyrex bowl again without seeing those stained images in my head!  lol…  I mean can you say OUCH?!!!  lol…

Back to the main subject.  Pyrex is microwave safe but under certain conditions it can explode or shatter.

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