Kid Friendly Dresser Organization Tips!!!

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Oh embarrassing!  Seriously!  I used to fight with my daughter all the time about keeping her dresser organized.  We finally worked out a plan to help both of us keep it organized!

Here’s the problem:  She tells me she cannot see all of her clothes when she’s trying to pick out what she wants to where.  She constantly moves the clothes around creating the mess you see above!

Solution:  Fold your clothes a bit smaller and stand them up instead of stacking them!  Genius right?!!!  This way she can see exactly what she wants to wear without having to shuffle through the stacks of clothes!

Ta-Da!!!  She likes…  I like it…  Problem solved!   Isn’t it wonderful!!!  I thought so too!

Instead of folding the normal way, fold all of your clothing like this!  I now do this with my dresser too!

I hope you found this as helpful as I did!


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