How to Get Ride of Flying Insects without Bug Spray

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How to get rid of flying insects

How to Get Ride of Flying Insects

Here’s How to Get Ride of Flying Insects without bug spray.  Just use a can of hairspray to stop them in their tracks!  It will slow them immediately!

You can also make your very own fly trap too.  Simply cut the top off of a water bottle, turn in upside down and place it back in the bottom of the bottle.  Tape the two pieces together.  Add sugar water and the flies will come running!  Once they go inside the small opening they cannot find their way back out!

You could also make your very own fly trap sticky paper to hang too.  It’s simple.  Just combine equal amounts of honey, sugar and water in a pot and dissolve the ingredients together.  I suggest using a brown paper bag cut into strips because the paper is heavy.  Punch a hole punched and add a piece of string to hang it later.  Dip a piece of paper  in the sugar solution.  Let it hang to dry.  They will become sticky in about 30 minutes when they have drip dried.

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