How to Get Ride of Flying Insects without Bug Spray

How to Get Ride of Flying Insects Here’s How to Get Ride of Flying Insects without bug spray.  Just use a can of hairspray to stop them in their tracks!  It will slow them immediately! You can also make your very own fly trap too.  Simply cut the top off of a water bottle, turn […]

Halloween Funny Bones Recipe

Halloween Funny Bones Recipe It’s pretty easy to make these Halloween Funny Bones Recipe!  The kids get the biggest kick outta em!  They love be part of making them too!  Try making “Funny Bone” Treats!  They would make an excellent treat for your Halloween Party too!  Be sure to head over here and see all […]

Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween Food Ideas Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about the Halloween food ideas needed for that special Halloween party.  Coming up with clever ghost and goblin foods can take some planning.  Halloween takes tons of planning.  Planning on what to wear for your costume.  Planning the kids costumes.  […]

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas Halloween is still a bit away but it’s not too early to start looking for a costume.  Especially if you want to stand out in the crowd.  You don’t want to wear the same costume that everyone else is wearing.  Or at least, I don’t.  Planning is essential!  I plan to […]

Keurig Coffee Maker Giveaway (Includes K-Cups and a Carousel too)!

Keurig Coffee Maker Giveaway Summer Time is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a refreshing Brew Over Ice Cup of Lemonade or Coffee! Our Keurig Coffee Maker Giveaway includes a Platinum Keurig Brewer (just like the one seen here), Lemonade K-Cups and a Carousel!!! Just scroll down to the bottom of […]

Patriotic Drinks: Perfect for the 4th of July Celebrations!

Patriotic Drinks:  Drinks for the 4th of July Celebrations Here’s a few Patriotic Drinks you may want to try for your 4th of July Celebrations!  Most of these are fairly simple to make too. Layered Patriotic Punch Spice up your holiday celebrations with a cute display of Patriotic Punch.  Cleverly composed so the colors are […]

DIY Ear Cuff Tutorial

DIY Ear Cuff Tutorial  

No Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert Recipe

No Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert Recipe I love the no bake dessert ideas!  Get the full recipe here. Be sure to check out the No Bake Ice Cream Cake Recipe and tutorial here too!  It’s pretty good!  

Broccoli Cheese Stuffed Chicken Recipe

Broccoli Cheese Stuffed Chicken Recipe Get the full recipe here Enjoy!

Best Cheesecake in a Jar Recipe

(photo credit:  YouPaidMoreThanMe) Best Cheesecake in a Jar Recipe I personally think this is the best cheesecake in a jar recipe ever.  We often alternate the crust between graham crackers and Oreo cookies.  I personally prefer to a bake recipe instead of a no bake cheesecake recipe. Top the recipe with your favorite fruit and […]